Saturday, February 21, 2009

And.... we're off to Seattle!

Life can be rather spontaneous at times. Take for example last week. We had planned on using last year's plane tickets to Hawaii (which we couldn't use because of all the airlines shutting down) on this year's trip. A great plan we thought. So, I called up the airlines last Tuesday, February 10th, to settle everything BUT the agent I spoke with informed us that we actually had to be flying in the air before February 20th!!! So a quick decision was made. Valentine day's plans in Orange County were canceled and next thing we knew we were off on a plane to Seattle to visit Dominic and Sarah. Never mind the fact that we were invading on their first Valentine's Day as an engaged couple. They were gracious to show us around Seattle and were wonderful hosts!
When asked what we would like to do when upon our arrival and what are plans for the weekend might be, our response was simple..... Hang our with Dom and Sarah, maybe get a hike in and visit the REI Mecca! If you have ever been to the REI there, you understand. It is ENORMOUS and so of course we needed to check it out. Oddly enough, we also found some things we wanted to purchase. I found some winter boots (much needed because the old ones have a 5 inch slit in them... see previous posts) and Mark scored some new, more snug low tops for the trip this summer. We are hoping for a miracle with my boots. Perhaps they won't make my feet a blistery mess.
Then it was off for an afternoon hike. We drove out about 20 minutes from the city and strolled along this beautiful green trail. We fell in love with the place and dreamed of having a house there. (NO plans on moving as of now, but it was fun to imagine:))

It was great hanging out with Dom and Sarah. I was able to get into a little bit of all the wedding planning excitement with Sarah and was able to go with her to try on dresses. Dom and Mark, in the meantime, hung out at a coffee shop. We are so excited to have Sarah as a part of the family. She's great!
We had a lovely Valentine's Day dinner with Dom and Sarah and a couple of their friends. It was neat to explore their neighborhood and see their lives in Queen Anne.
We returned to the OC on Sunday and enjoyed the rest of our three day weekend putting the last things away in our house. It is sooooo close to being done:)!!!!
Thanks Dom and Sarah for the fun, last minute visit!