Friday, October 30, 2009

Santa Barbara

So... first of all, thank you to all the bridesmaids who chipped in for us to be able to have a absolutely wonderful weekend up in Santa Barbara. If you will remember back, Lina was scheduled to have her bachlorette shower in Santa Barbara and all the bridesmaids chipped in to get a deluxe house up there. Well, with fires and my sick dad things fell through. So they gifted it to us for a first year getaway. It was wonderful. The glorious cottage style house was just a short walk from the Biltmore Wall right close to the center of Montecito. It was a great weekend for us to getaway from our busy classrooms and all the other stuff that life has been throwing at us.

Do you ever feel like your faith is like this boat? They had it roped off, but people were still all over it checking it out.

Yes, teaching first grade does give you a Mr. Roger's complex.

Dinner at the Enterprise fish house is a must when in Santa Barbara... along with a breakfast at Summerland Beach Cafe.