Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Summer Road Trip!!!

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Summer Road Trip!!!

After several summers of hiking the John Muir Trail, we decided to switch things up a bit and meandered up to Washington along the beautiful, Oregon Coast. We packed up all the essentials including, yes, lemon drops. Peg Monley has influenced the road trips. Each time she would take us as kids over to Iowa, she made sure to have presents waiting for us to open each day of the trek and always had a stash of lemon drops. My road trips are never complete without them.

Our first stop was Indian Scotty Campground and Kidder Creek. I was thrilled to be able show Mark where I spent three of my summers working. It is an incredible place, nestled in the beautiful Scott Valley.

This is a well known jumping rock at Clear Creek. Usually not super crowded, we just happened to go when there was another youth group already there.

Here I am "rafting" down the Klammath River.


After Kidder we headed to the coast where we spent our first night at Del Norte Campgrounds in the middle of the Redwoods. Then it was off to Oregon. We traveled up the 101 for three days and were blown away by the scenery. It seemed that at every curve in the highway, there was another vista and turn out for cars. The highway itself was lined with trees and if it wasn't foggy the views of the coast were amazing. We loved the drive and the pace of the trip.