Sunday, June 17, 2012

Busy and Moving

We've neglected our blog for quite some time. But, alas, FINALLY, we are on summer break and ready to relax, swim in the pool, and bake this second baby.
Muira update:
She is on the move and so full of life. She has turned into such an adventurous little lady. Once she got the hang of walking, she wanted to go higher and started climbing. She throws herself down slides and would jump into any body of water if we'd let her. She is starting to communicate more with the few signs she has learned and has a few babbles we can understand like poppa, momma, hi and today she said baby. She is such a joy and we are looking forward to spending summer with her. We're so thankful for jobs that allow us that precious time.
So here she is now.......
Our second official camping trip. It was a bit colder than we expected

 Desperately waiting for the sun to touch our campsite:)
Fishing with Poppa at Kennedy Meadows

And now for one of Muira's favorite activities....climbing into her drawers and taking everything out.

She makes keeping a clean house a slight challenge:).

She loves playing on our patio and likes to help dad water the plants

Enjoys climbing up on the rocking chair and can spend lots of time looking through (and tearing up) books
We love our Muira!
Still a champion eater!