Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mammoth and more!

The spring has found us busy (as normal it seems) with more trips and adventures. We trekked once again to Mammoth for the annual spring snowboarding trip. To our surprise we were actually met with blizzard like conditions on Friday and then were able to enjoy fresh powder for our Saturday snowboarding. It was incredible!!! We enjoyed the trip with a smaller group and we are sadly hanging up our snowboarding things until next year.
April was the month for visitors. We were blessed to have some wonderful friends and family come and stay in our extra room. My mom came down to stay for a few days and helped buy our first spice garden and house plants. We have invested in the hanging tomato branch and eagerly await yummy, ripe off the vine tomatoes. Mark and I were trying to keep a picture journal of all our guests but have so far only taken pictures of my mom and Nate, Katie, and family (sorry Davii). We have loved playing host and invite all of you out of countiers to come down for a visit:). Mark is a fabulous cook so you'll be well fed!So now we are trying to prepare for our next adventure... The John Muir Trail. Marriage has been good to us and our bodies have enjoyed all the good eating and relaxing we have done. They will not be so happy when we get on the trail and die from lack of training. So..... we are beginning a semi-strict regimen, or at least some sort of activity from climbing our one stair on our porch or walking the steps at a near by stadium to smaller backpacking trips on the weekends when we can. We are excited to be out in the wilderness for a good chunk of the summer. We are on the trail by July 9 and can't wait!!!!