Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kauai, Hawai'i, 2009

Both Lina and I were so ready for a break... we were so ready that we didn't even mind the 5 hour layover in Honolulu. The first hour was spend here waiting for them to be able to take our bags

The next four hours were spend watching the final four games at the little airport bar...

My parents have a timeshare at the Marriott and this year my mom decided to make a family vacation out of it... if you will remember, we were going to go last year but all the airlines went out of business right before we left and we couldn't go. Not a bad view huh? We slept with the sliding door open and enjoyed the lulluby of the waves.

There is a lot of good surf during the winter out there. The guys in the back are riding paddle boards where you stand up the whole time. Our little bay was a hot spot for them... a nice slow break.
We took a day trip up to blowing horn, one of Hawai'i's state parks. We caught some "shave Ice" on the way home at a place called Jo-Jo's... You were right Lance, it was phenomenal!

Tons of good fun was had by all hanging out in the room and chillaxin. Lina found some random child to toss around... oh.. nope sorry, that is my little niece Rily.

A highlight for me was getting out for 18 holes at the Lagoons Country Club. No Angel Cabrera, but a score of 88 is not bad for a windy day at a new course with rented clubs.

Our hiking day

Lina and I had heard so much about the beautiful Napali coast and the incredibly beautiful hiking trails they have there. We had originally planned on camping out there overnight, but permits are hard to come by over spring break, so we took an 8 mile day hike out to the Hanakapiai water fall.
The trail was super muddy with lots of river crossings, but so lush and beautiful... a real tropical paradise.

The waterfall is about 1000 feet high and falls into a beautiful clear pool. We both took a refreshing dip after the two hour hike in.

Yup!... Lina (the fresh fruit addict) was thrilled to find this little farmer's market on the ride home. That is a coconut in her hand.

The trip was really good family time as well. We all missed my dad, but had some great time sharing and talking and connecting as a family. Any suggestions for next year's family trip?