Wednesday, March 12, 2014

3 months, 3 kids under 3

 We have survived the past 3 months! Thomas turned 3 months on the 21st and has started to leave the newborn stage. Mom gets many nights of 6 hour sleep sets. It's amazing how consistent sleep can make you feel much more normal and with it:). He continues to be a pretty mellow baby which makes life with 3 much easier. He is smiling and cooing all the time. His sisters make him smile all the time even though Adelae mainly pokes his nose and eyes. He is a little bundle of joy.

Papa Tom and Granny Peg were able to fly down for Thomas and Adelae's dedication service. We are blessed with such supporting families who have left and are leaving great legacies for our children. What a wonderful group of faithful Christians these kids get to be a part of.

Adelae loves poking and pointing out Thomas' nose, mouth and eyes

Muira has become quite the photo opportunist. She often tells me, "Mom, let's get Thomas so I can hold him and you can take a CUTE picture of us."
And now for an ode to Adelae. Poor girl doesn't appear much on our blog in the "neglected years", so I'll give more regular updates so that she won't have to feel left out as the middle kid:).
She is starting to turn into a little girl. Her vocabulary is expanding by leaps and bounds. She calls many food items "cookie" and sounds much like cookie monster when doing so. She is in the stage of trying to do everything Muira does. If Muira eats cereal, she wants her bowl too. If Muira is climbing on furniture, she's right behind. Lately it has been keeping up with all of Muira's dancing. She'll have to put on a skirt if Muira is twirling around with one. It is fun to see the sister bond forming. 

Still loves her books. Her favorite lately is Mother Goose and Humpty Dumpty. She runs around the house saying, "Dumpty, dumpty" as she searches for the book. She still doesn't really let you read it to her  but she likes going through the pages by herself

She has been into peek a boo lately. This is her after taking her hands off her eyes. She will hide under our table and yell, "Addi" wanting us to ask, "Where is Adelae?"

Starting to play and interact with Muira more and more. Love seeing them enjoying each other.