Saturday, January 4, 2014

Ok... so we have been busy!

Yes, we know haven't posted in a while, but the light speed jump from two kids to three along with all the other busyness, has really taken us for a ride.  Here are some snapshots from the past months...

Celebrating 5 years of marriage!

Thomas Edward was born on Nov. 21st

Happy to have our boy!

A little peace in the hospital as it was only Thomas and me

Thomas celebrated his one month birthday with a trip up to Northern California to be with family for Christmas. He was a champion traveler and basically has slept most of his first few weeks of life. He is just starting to observe and take in his world a few times a day. He is pretty mellow which makes taking care of the girls much easier.

Muira loves her brother and enjoys giving him big hugs. She always says he is saying "What's going on here?"

Grandma Bernice and her grandkids during we could do with all the moving bodies

Muira enjoys liking the spoon after we make muffins. She is quite the little helper

Adelae is starting to walk, using some words like apple, baby and agua. Her little personality is starting to show. She's determined to do what her sister does and loves sitting down and reading books to herself.  

These snuggle times never get old.

Muira is as active as always. She narrates her life constantly and uses new words that surprise us daily. She has recently started to play mommy with all her dolls. 

Adelae loves her poppa. She yells and jumps up and down when he comes home from work each day. 
Muira had a blast with her cousins during Christmas!

Adelae is growing up