Thursday, September 17, 2009

The start up

Whew! .... summer is over and both Lina and I are back in our classrooms with a couple of weeks under our belts. I am trying to remember if last year's start up was this crazy with all the new kids and adjustment that is taking place. I have been using the analogy of merging onto the freeway to describe this time. You start, stopped, rested and peaceful at the stop light, then whammo! you have to floor it and start looking for the least dangerous way to squeeze yourself into the massive flow that is going 3 times faster than you. I bet all the teachers out there know exactly what it is like. Well, we are in it. Lina has switched to second grade this year and is enjoying it although it is a big adjustment from what she was doing last year in third grade. She has two little boys that have been more of a handful to go along with my three or four "more active" little ones... I guess it has been good in that it has really increased our prayer lives. I am excited this year to have a Promethean Board in my room. It has been a lot of fun having the kids up there clicking and dragging stuff as we have been reviewing our ABCs. It has been a busy time and even a little bit of a crazy time at moments, but both Lina and I are often caused to stop and give thanks. Even though our jobs take a lot out of us, we have several friends who are out of work right now, to say nothing of the masses out there with the downturn who are struggling to put food on the table. We are truly blessed and are so very thankful that we have our Lord, each other, and our jobs.