Monday, January 4, 2010

The last part of 2009...we're getting caught up!

We are finally getting around to posting again. A lot of festivities have passed so please enjoy the highlights.

We spent Thanksgiving with the Monleys. We started the celebration with a 10k run to feed the hungry. It was great to have so many Monley siblings and cousins representing. We were soon back to Woodland to spend a little time with the Monley's for the annual Christmas Caroling and an early Christmas. Bill was able to join us for our Christmas. It was fun to have him. Here's Finn enjoying his gift from Uncle Josh.
Selah is showing off her mom's new hat. It is fun watching our nephews and nieces grow up and enjoy opening gifts more and more each year. After a few days in Woodland we were off to Berkeley to celebrate with the Bornsteins. We congregated at the Peytons, awaiting the arrival of baby Peyton. We unfortunately didn't get to meet him then, but Benjamin Peyton has now entered the world and is healthy:). He was born on January 1. Joe and Krista were generous in finding us a place to stay while we were there. We stayed at the Freel's house and dogsat their dog, Moonunit. It was a fun time for Mark and I as we walked her around Berkeley frequenting all the local Peet's coffees. Moonie was quite a puller. Reading a book with Riley.Mark and Bernice by the Berkeley Marina.
We celebrated NYE (as apparently it is called now:)) with some friends and lasted until about 10:30. We decided to ring in the last of the new year at home with a good bottle of wine. January first we headed out to Anza Borrego to enjoy some outdoor goodness.

On our way home we took the hidden desert tour and ended up at the Salton Sea, a new experience for both of us. It was an interesting place, stinky with lots of dead fish skeletons, but worth the little tour. Here is Mark on the salty beach.
Mark got a digital camera book for Christmas and has been practicing his photography. I think he has taken some great ones so I've posted them. The first is from Anza Borrego and the last few from the Salton Sea.