Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two Months Old

It is hard to believe that our little Muira is already 2 months old. Time really has flown. She continues to grow and develop her own little personality. She is cooing and talking much more which makes me giggle every time with excitement. She has had a couple nights of longer sleep (almost 5 hours) so hopefully this pattern continues. Here's a video of her sounds right before our first hike. Notice the great camping onesie my friend Jennie cute!
(sorry it's sideways)
Muira and I went up to Woodland last weekend so that the rest of the family could meet her and so that we could celebrate with Erika and Jason at their baby shower (they're expecting triplets!!!). Unfortunately, I forgot my camera so I don't have the many pictures we took, especially all the twinsies photos we tried to pose Muira and her 6 days younger cousin, Serin in. Hopefully I can post those later. But for now, here are pictures around the house and during Muira's first hike.