Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mammoth ski trip, Feb '09

So, we took off a day of work and headed to the hills for some snow boarding. The trip was arraigned by our friend Karen and a group of 10 of us took off. I can't believe how good Lina is getting on the snowboard. She even made it down the treacherous Cornice bowl... the most difficult groomed black diamond run on the mountain! Way to go babe!

On the top of the mammoth with all the beautiful Minarets in the back ground. This summer these are the same hills we will be hiking through.

Mammoth is a dormant volcano... There is strong fumes coming from this roped off area... one of the vents!

On the way home we stopped my the Manzanar detention center where the US government detained and held over 100,000 Japanese Americans during the second world war. President Reagan issued a formal apology.