Monday, February 20, 2012

Saturday Morning Praise times

Bout time for an update... the girl is almost 1!!!

We figured it was time to show you how Muira has changed since our last post was about 6 months ago. She is so much bigger and more active than ever. We have enjoyed this stage so much and have seen how quickly she moves from one milestone to the next.
Still such a great eater but now she's using her hands so the mess is on the floor and her seat and not as much on her mouth.
Thanksgiving and part of Christmas were spent in Woodland where Muira started to crawl and stand up. Here she is with her cousin Serin getting ready for the caroling party.
She continues to use an open mouth to show excitement but now it is accompanied with screams and shouts.
It is such a joy to see Papa Tom with his two littlest granddaughters.