Friday, July 15, 2011

Woodland Visit

We are officially celebrating summer as a family!! Mark finished up his school year and then we quickly packed up (after a round of golf, a wedding and father's day) to head up to Woodland to visit my family. We had a good time relaxing, visiting family and friends, and even got to go tubing with the Monley siblings.

Muira was a fabulous companion. She slept most of the way and hardly fussed at all:)!

Muira and cousin SerĂ­n had many meaningful conversations

Mark celebrated his first Father's Day

Muira got a lot of quality time with Granny Peg. She watched her several times so that Mark and I could enjoy some time alone.

We decided to drive back home on Highway 1. It was gorgeous! We now have a list of camping places we want to go to in the future.

And now for a Muira update.... She is almost 4 months old which is hard to believe. We love how she interacts with us more and more. Some of our favorite Muira moments are when she stretches both arms above her head after waking up, how she giggles and coos at us, and how she is so attentive. She loves looking around and soaking in her environment.

She used to fit completely on Mark's chest. Now she is getting much longer. It's fun that she still enjoys this cuddling time.
Our happy 4th of July outfits:)!
An attempt at a first family photo
Muira loves trying to sit and looking out towards the world

Perhaps the start of a mischievous look

Enjoying tummy time more and more these days

Mark and I signed up for a 5k in Huntington Beach on 4th of July. Muira and I didn't make it so far as she decided she didn't like being in the stroller. It was a fun event regardless and we hope to make a tradition out of it.