Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day 2011

So, we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day a day early. The Sunday before just seemed like the right time for us to do it. After church we grabbed a sandwich at Subway and then headed off for the first part of our day...

Our deal was that we would both plan part of the day with the other in mind. Lina is a big quality time love language girl so mine was an easy one. A good long sit on a bluff overlooking the coast with guitar in tow for some romantic lullabies. It was a hit!

I actually enjoyed it quit a bit as well as I sang Lina some of the early songs that I had written on college. It is amazing what comes out when you just sit and spend time together.

After packing it up at the beach it was Lina's turn to run the show. We headed up to Sur Le Table for a little shopping spree for some new measuring spoons. Some folks will say that sounds a bit odd for a Valentine's date, but it was a home run for me. Kitchen tools!.... arh ...arh...arh... arh..

After some yogurt and a stop at the store we came home and made an incredible dinner of seared filet mignon, squash and some incredible sour dough bread. It was a day to remember!