Tuesday, May 17, 2011

cutie petoutie

Here are some more pictures of our precious Muira now a whopping 10 lbs!! She is growing strong!

Looking more and more like daddy! Especially with our matching shirts.

Mother's Day

It was a joy celebrating my first Mother's Day this past Sunday. I am thankful for my mom and mother in law and the wonderful women they are. It is so fun seeing them as grandmas with Muira. I am so grateful to have mothers that enjoy each other. Put these two together and some extraordinary adventure is bound to happen.

Muira spoiled me for my special day (she's quite advanced). I woke up to blueberry pancakes and coffee and this fun surprise for me on the table.

I have loved being a mom so far with all its challenges and sleepless nights. It is still hard to believe that we have a beautiful daughter and that I am entrusted to raise her (thankfully with God's and Mark's help). I love seeing her sleep peacefully after a feeding. I love her little smile that has emerged. I look forward to the many years ahead of mommihood and all that I know I will learn.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Muira- One Month

It is hard to believe that Muira is over a month now. All those cliche things parents tell you like, "they grow up so fast", "enjoy this time while you have it" have fully been experienced as I watch our precious daughter grow right before our eyes. There are clothes she has already outgrown. We're moving past the newborn outfits and into the 0-3 months. Way to eat Muira! It has been a joy to see little changes in her personality as well. She loves (as most babies do) to be held, whether sleeping, eating, changing, you name it, she would prefer to be in the arms of a loved one. She is a grunter and thoroughly enjoys making noises while she sleeps. This at first startled me as a first time mom and I checked on her every time she stirred. Thankfully I've adapted and don't pick her up with every mumble. Muira has started to recognize and track things and even has given us a few smiles. We are so excited for the next phase of interaction as our little girl develops!

Do not be fooled by this serene look... It's only there if she is sleeping in your arms, which is my favorite by the way:)! She is so cuddly.

Her favorite non carrier sleep position

We're still undecided as to who she looks like. Any thoughts??

We adore our little Muira Alicen!